Mixing is the blending step before mastering. Adjustments are made by fine-tuning the sound of each instrument/voice and combining individual tracks together to form a stereo audio file after mixdown.  


Mastering Optimization and Polishing- involves setting the project up to ensure a boosted, consistent, and unified sound. Mastering is the last step in preparing the song for distribution. The Mixdown file is transferred from the original source to a storage device for all formats of media playback.   


Mixing Turnaround-can take an average up to 5-10 working hours for the first draft. However, It is very important you know EVERY PROJECT IS DIFFERENT and we may need to create a custom achievable time for the project depending on a number of factors. We will work together to agree on an estimated time frame to meet your goals. 

Each Mix/Master client- has an allocated 2.5 hours daily unless it’s an expedited order- then a project will receive more daily hours NOT exceeding 5.5 hours per day.


Mastering-on average takes 1- 2 Hours. To ensure we fulfill each request; we reserved the right to send the Master Draft by the end of day (8:00 pm EST) if your request is before 12:00pm. All others are 24 hours from the time of submission. 

Singing Assistance?- Yes we help our clients with both “Voice Coaching Assistance” and “On Track Assistance”. We help coach you through your session with Voice Coaching Assistance to make sure you use your best possible notes/pitch/harmony properly for the best sound.  If you need additional vocals on your song, use our Session Musician/Singer with “On-Tack Assistance”. *Fees Apply for both services.


Need Music?- Yes Indeed! Mixmajor has great producers with great beats. We’re more than happy to plan with you and customize music for your project.


We Can Do That - 

Full Session / High Quality Wave Files are available upon request at the close of your recording session. This service has no additional charge if Pre-purchased Studio Time Credits Remain. Full Session exports take a full hour. Waves Take 1/4 Hour. If you run out of Studio Time, sessions are exported for a Fee of $50 per session. $25 for High Quality WAV exports.


We Still Can Work!- You can submit/upload your project(s) online. We’ll communicate via your client’s portal, email, and phone every step of the way. 

We got You!- it depends on the question........ Check out our “policies” page, you can find an overview of our Terms and Conditions that may answer your question. Or you can give us a call or send a text to 678-813-5075 or email us at mixmajorinfo@gmail.com.